Today the team went to the Gardens by the Bay. It was so pretty and we loved seeing all of the flowers and waterfalls! we also met with our sponsors Virtue Money. It was great to meet with them and talk about our experiences at the competition.

Last night was a very exciting for the team as it was the Singapore Grand Prix! The atmosphere was amazing and we loved seeing all of the cars. After the race we went out for dinner as it was our last night. We had so much fun celebrating everything that we had gone through and spending time together on our last night!


Today the team spent some time in the pool before going to the aquarium with some members of the other Scottish team. We loved seeing all of the fish and spending time with the other team. 

We also went to the F1 qualifying! This was our first time seeing the cars on the track which was really exciting. We also got to see Liam Gallagher and the Killers in the concert. It was an amazing night and we cant wait for the race tomorrow!


This morning the team went on the cable car over Singapore. We loved seeing Singapore from a new perspective!  

All of the UK teams had a visit to the British High Commissioners Residence. It was great to talk to them about the F1 in schools competition and tell them about our experiences. It was nice to have all of the UK teams together for one last time.

This evening we went out with one of the Australian Teams. We all went into Singapore and went up to the top of the Marina Bay Sans. It was so amazing to see Singapore from above and it was even more beautiful because it was at night. We were up there for a couple of hours talking and watching the city. It was such an enjoyable evening and we loved spending time with the other team. 


With the competition being over we now have a couple of days to spend as a team and experience Singapore.   Today all of the world final teams got to drive around the Formula 1 circuit and walk around the pit lane. It was amazing to see all of the cars being assembled. We even managed to get inside of the Force India garage where we were able to talk to them about the car design and some of the car features. It was such an amazing atmosphere and we loved the whole experience. 

Tonight we also had the F1 in schools water-park after party. It was an amazing time and we loved being with all of the other teams!


Today the team went to Universal Studios Singapore! It was so much fun and we loved spending time as a team after 5 intense days of competing. We had a great time going on all of the rides and meeting with different characters.

We also had the awards evening and gala dinner. We got to spend more time with the other teams as well as meeting with competition VIPs such as Chase Carey.

For the dinner we were seated with representatives from Force India. It was so interesting to hear stories about the car designs and working within the garages. Unfortunately we did not win any awards however we are all extremely proud of ourselves and how far we have come. Over the last 11 months we have loved working and growing as a team and to have made it to this stage is unbelievable. We are so grateful to everyone that has helped us to reach this stage including our friends, family and sponsors.  


Today we started the day with an early breakfast at 7 o'clock this morning. We were all feeling quite tired after already having 4 days of competition but we were also excited because this was our last day competing!

First we had the live pit interviews where David Croft came around each of the teams displays and talked to them about their experiences. Because of the number of teams this interview was very brief and lasted less than a minute. It was still really fun and exciting.

Today the team also did some culture activities. This allowed us to experience traditions from around the world. One of the activities that we did was traditional Chinese mask painting. This was relly fun and creative and it was great to experience something different. 

Today there was also knockout racing. We didn't make it through  but it was nice to watch and support all of the other teams. 

After the competition some of the teamwent to the pool. It was great fun as we met with some of the other teams from Greece, Malaysia and Mexico. It has been so much fun to meet with the other teams and get to talk to know them throughout this competition. 

To finish off the day we went out to dinner with the other Scottish team - Velocity Racing to celebrate one of the girls birthdays. We have really enjoyed getting to know them over the last few days and it was great to spend some time with them outside of the competition.


Today has been really enjoyable for our whole team. It was competition day 2 and we had 3 different judging categories - presentation, pit-display and racing.

First of all was presentation. We worked very late last night and early this morning to complete our presentation to the highest standard possible. This was a judging category that we were very excited for and something that we wanted to do well in. We feel that the presentation went well and we managed to cover all of the necessary content. 

Next we had the pit-display judging. This was another category that we were extremely excited for because it was one of the parts of the competition that we all worked together on. It has been a large focus of our World Finals preparation and it was amazing to see it finally come together.

We also had our final races today. We where so surprised to find that our car time had improved a lot from lour previous races. This time meant that we now have the 8th fastest time out of all of the teams. Our average ranking from the racing is 33rd.


Today was the first day of competition! 

We completed our first races today. Although we did not win we are extremly happy with the results. Our cars both made it down the track without breaking which we are very surprised but happy about. We have seen a large improvement since the National final with our car improving by 0.202 seconds.

Today Isla and Molly also had the Engineer and Design judging. This was where we had to explain our car design, process and development to the judges. We also had our scrutineering review - this was where we found out about any rules that we had broken. We found that our car design did break a few different regulations however this review allowed us to understand our mistakes and how to correct them in the future. 

After a long day of competition we decided to cool off by jumping in the fountains. It was great to have fun as a team after an intense day of competing!


Today was a very busy day for the team. We spent most of the morning discussing, preparing and planning our pit display build. This was because we had a strict time limit of two hours to build the whole display. It was an extremely fast paced two hours which seemed to just disappear. After a lot of coordination we were able to just get the display built within the allotted tine and we are all really happy with the results.

Yesterday evening we also had to make a few last minute alterations to the car. This was because we had brocken a critical regulation. We were given 20 minutes to make alterations and insure that our car was ready to race. Thankfully after a tough 20 minutes our car was deemed legal and we were allowed to race. 

Our first race is tomorrow morning against Japan. Remember that the races can all be watched over the official F! in schools Livestream on Youtube.


Today after a long day of travel the team have finally arrived in Singapore! We left from Edinburgh airport at 9am on Thursday morning and arrived in Singapore at 10am (local time). It was a long journey but eventually we arrived safe and excited for the coming week.

We have had a great day getting settled into our hotel, meeting and getting to know the other teams and exploring the area. We also had to register and submit our cars, portfolios, renders and orthographics for judging.  We had to make some last minute alterations to one of our cars to increase the weight from 49.9 to 50g.  50g was the minimum weight requirement so we added a small coat of paint to help increase the weight before it went into parc ferme. 

 After a long day the whole team have gone to bed early to try and catch up on some sleep. We are all extremely excited for tomorrow's so watch this space to keep up to date with what we are doing!