In this section you can keep up to date with all of the teams preparations for the World Finals. Read below for any up to date information about what the team has been up to.

05.09.18 - Ready to go

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Singapore!

Finally we have everything finished and ready to go. After months of hard work we are so excited to compete!

To keep up to date with all of our daily activities while we are away check out our daily blog!

29.08.18 - Pit Display Completition

Today our pit display was picked up for shipping! After hours of work designing and manufacturing this display we are so happy to finally of completed it :)

Here is a few images of the process that we went through and a sneak peak at our final design. Watch this space to see the completed and assembled display in Singapore


Yesterday we found out that we will be competing as team number 11 in Singapore! 

We are all so excited to compete in 20 days time; it feels like only last week when we competed at Silverstone.

Make sure to check out this video to find out who our competition will be at the world finals!


Some of the team were in school today testing car prototypes. Although we had some minor breakages we set some really good times. We have loads of ideas for car development and we are so excited to race our car at the Finals! 

29.06.18 - Summer Holidays

The team are about to break up for summer holidays and we all plan to take a few weeks off to rest. We still have a lot of work to do and will be working through the summer so make sure to follow our twitter and other social medias to stay up to date with what we are doing.

We hope that evryone has a great summer!

24.06.18 - Sponsored Boogie Bounce

On the 24th of June one of our sponsors - Boogie Bounce Boness held a sponsored Boogie Bounce in support of Team AcceleRace.

Thank you so much to everyone that came along - it was a great event

21.06.18 - Team DISC Profiles

Today we were visited by Naomi Riches and Kevin Shaw from Thomas International. 

We had the opportunity to discuss each of our DISC profiles  which helped us to understand our team members  personalities, traits and characteristics. 

It was also an amazing opportunity to learn about our team dynamic and how our skills compliment each other within the team.

We also got to hear about Naomi Riches amazing story. It was great to hear about her time as a Paralympic gold medallist and a very inspiring experience. 

14.06.18 - Team AcceleRace on BBC Radio Scotland

On the 14th of June Team AcceleRace were on BBC Radio Scotland. This was a really exciting experience and a great way to promote our team and F1 in Schools. 

If you missed it then check out this BBC article about the team;

11.06.18 - Developing Bearings and Wheels

Today our Design Engineer Isla and Manufacturing Engineer Molly visited Scott's Bearings. They also had the opportunity to talk to Petro-Canada lubricants and Schaeffler Group. 

This was a very interesting day and a great opportunity to learn about bearings, wheel systems and lubrication.

Hopefully some of the things they learned today  will help us to develop our car and make it as fast as possible ahead of the world finals. 

08.06.18 - Gin Tasting Evening

On the 8th of June we hosted a  Gin tasting Evening to help fund-raise our road to Singapore. This was a really enjoyable event and was a great success. 

A huge thank you everyone that came along - we hope that you had a good time. 

The exact amount of money made is still to be confirmed but will be posted here shortly.

25.05.18 - Edinburgh Trip

Today the team spent the day in Edinburgh. We met with three of our new sponsors - Skyscanner, Cathcart Assosiates and Jumpstart. We loved meeting you all today and look forward to working with you in the future. 

We also had a bake sale at CodeClan which was a great success. We were able to raise profile and funds for our trip to Singapore. 

22.05.18 - Expo Scotland

Today we had an amazing day at Expo Scotland at Hampden Park. We were able to talk to loads of businesses and we even managed to confirm a new sponsor. We also fired a couple of cars which was really exciting and great for raising profile and interest.

12.05.18 - Linlithgow Street Fair

Today we were at our local street fair raising funds and profile ahead of competing at the world finals.  We had a raffle and sold homemade fudge as well as a guess the number of sweeties in the jar. It was a really run day and we made £400 towards our total target of £25k

28.04.16 - Linlithgow Classic Cars Event

Today we set up a stall at the Linlithgow Classic Cars Rally which was a great opportunity  to talk to members of our community and spread the word about what we are doing. We also loved seeing all of the cars!

Thank You to everyone that came to see us - we appreciate all of your support and interest. 

26.04.18 - Car Development Meeting

Today we had an exciting meeting with Professor Andrew Rae - a professor of applied and experimental aerodynamics from the University of the Highlands and Islands. We learnt so much about types of friction and improvements which we can make to create a more aerodynamic car. We are so excited to put our new knowledge to the test as we begin to develop our world finals car.

20.04.18 - Mr Marshalls Purple Hair

Today our teacher Mr Marshall died his hair purple and cut it into a mohawk in support of Team AcceleRace. This was a great fundraising event  as loads of people from our school came along to watch. 

Thank you to everyone that donated and thank you to Mr Marshall for all of your continued support! Good luck running the London Marathon this weekend. 

11.04.18 - Our New Fund Page

We are still so excited about becoming UK Champions of F1 in Schools 2018! We cant believe we have come so far and we are so excited to represent our country at the world finals. 

You can support us on our road to Singapore by donating to our new fund page. We appreciate all donations big or small  and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has already donated.