Sponsoring Team Accelerace


As an all-girl team competing in a global STEM competition, we would greatly appreciate if you could support us on our journey to Singapore.  Team AcceleRace is commited to working with our sponsors to guarantee that our sponsors benefit from partnerships as well as us. 

Benefits of Sponsoring our Team

Below we have included some information about the benefits of sponsoring our team for you and your company. F1 in schools is such a rewarding experience and we sincerely hope that you will consider supporting us.

-We believe that innovative thinking is critical - to succeed at the World Finals we will need to apply this  ethos to everything that we do. By supporting us though this competition you are identifying your business  as a supporter of future generations of leaders and innovators. 

-By sponsoring Team AcceleRace you would be playing a part in F1 in Schools - a competition which  encourages future generations to learn vital skills including teamwork, leadership, communication,  planning and organisation. Students also gain valuable experience of working to deadlines and  communicating with businesses. By supporting our team you will be demonstrating that your business  supports skills that can be used within the classroom as well as in the wider world of work. 

-A significant part of our team identity is that we are an all-girl team competing in a STEM competition.  Unfortunately F1 is a traditionally male-dominated industry, and we are among a small minority of all  female teams competing in F1 in Schools.

-If you choose to sponsor Team AcceleRace then you will be supporting young girls aspiring for careers in  STEM. In 2018 - the Year of the Woman - we believe that it is vitally important to raise the profile of women  in engineering and F1.

How can You Help?

There are many different ways that you can get involved and help us on our road to Singapore - in order to compete at the World Finals we will require a lot of help, assistance, advice, guidance and support. As a sponsor there are lots of ways you can support our project…

•Funding - We will require funding to help us pay for things such as our entry fee and accommodation.  At this time we believe that the total cost of our trip will be  around £25k - a huge amount for a team of school pupils to raise. 

•Travel - Travelling to Singapore will be one of our biggest expenses and any help with flights or other travel fees would greatly reduce our overall costs and be hugely appreciated.

•Uniforms - Looking like a team will be a very important part of competing in Singapore. We would like to have team uniforms to ensure we look professional and represent our team identity well.

•Materials - We will need to purchase a range of materials for making our cars. This will include the official F1 in Schools foam blocks as well as other things such as wheels and bearings.

•Machinery and technology - Access to more advanced methods of testing and manufacture would greatly help with the design and engineering of our car.

•Knowledge, expertise and guidance - As this is our first time competing in F1 in Schools, any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Whether it is marketing advice, help with our portfolios, car design or any other specialist expertise,  any knowledge that you can share will go a long way to helping us be successful at the world finals.

•Prizes and donations - We intend to organise raffles as well as other fundraisers. Any prizes or donations that we can raffle off would be greatly appreciated.

Find out More

 If you would like to find out more about sponsoring our team then we have created a sponsorship prospectus with more information.  This includes more about us, our sponsoship packages and benefits of sponsoring our team.

Please contact us via email team.accelerace@hotmail.com if you would like a copy of this prospectus or if you would like to find out more about our team. We would also be happy to answer any further questions or inquires that you may have.